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of Spheres


Public Art


Formula 1, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



Design Team

Javid Jah


QUBE | INC & Aaron Lawless

Art Director

Swizz Beatz


Painted welded aluminium

This body of work designed by the talented Javid Jah, explores the symbolism of the planets and associated names through a series of illuminated sculptures located in reflective ponds

9 sculptures installed permanently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia exploring the planetary orbits as "spheres of influence" based on traditional astrology & alchemy.  The World of Spheres is permanently installed on Jeddah's new corniche


Curated by 


Art Director 

@therealswizzz @therealgoodintentions

Fixed Star_From Far_F1.JPG
The moon_F1.JPG

With each of these sculptures, Javid Jah explores the symbolic meanings of the visible planets


He combines the astronomical observations of the planets, such as the pattern of their orbital period around the Earth (the Sun's orbit divides our sky into 12 segments via four seasons, for example) with the alchemical approach to the planet

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